Caña Clara

Caña Clara started just over a year ago and they are already creating a buzz. They present themselves as a video agency committed to make all kinds of original content through the lens of a camera.

Coming from similar interests and working backgrounds, this video production company was formed by a group of Venezuelans that moved to Mexico City. In a short period of time they have already produced promotional and music videos, three short documentaries and will be soon starting the post-production of a movie.

Their work is available online and after having a look at it you can immediately sense a common narrative, which tends to follow particular groups inside a community and focus on a characteristic passion that binds them. Their camera use is very subtle and non intrusive, putting you right in the middle of the story and making you feel as one of the characters they are portraying.

By their own means, a small budget and lots of creative drive, they are already making a name for themselves. Their short documentaries have been selected in film festivals around Mexico, including the Guanajuato International Film Festival, where Lingo Lilingo, Baile que Baile, was competing alongside different documentaries from around the globe. Watch it below!

We would definitely keep an eye on them and can’t wait to see what’s next in their to-do list. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook so you don’t miss out on their upcoming projects.

Desde que amanece hasta que anochece, los bailadores de la Ciudad de México celebran la vida al ritmo de la música. Este corto documental recorre los lugares de baile más emblemáticos de la metrópolis a través de los personajes que los frecuentan.
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