Sterling silver. Our silver pieces are made of solid sterling silver, and in order to maintain its natural shine and color we do not add any additional coating over the surface. With the right care, this jewel will preserve its beauty for generations.

Gold-plated sterling silver. Our golden jewelry pieces are made of solid sterling silver with a 24K gold-plated. The gold-plated is a procedure done to our pieces in order to obtain the gold color of the surface and give them more value. The silver jewel is immersed in a 24 karat gold galvanic bath, and thanks to an electrolytic process, the gold particles are stuck onto the piece, creating a uniform and strong coat, even though it's very thin and subtle. This procedure is made using a high quality professional technique, however the gold coat is not permanent, over the years a normal fade of the original tone could occur. The durability of the gold-plated depends on the care given to the piece.

Bronze. Bronze is an alloy of copper, tin and zinc, and typically oxidizes faster than precious metals. All our bronze jewelry has a protective lacquer coating, which helps protect the jewelry from tarnish, oxidation and fading. However, this coat is not permanent, over time it's normal that it will slowly wear off.

We highly recommend you to follow these instructions to preserve the splendor of your jewelry piece:


- Avoid direct contact with chemical products such as soap, creams, moisturizing, make-up, oils, perfumes and abrasive substances like chlorine and detergents.

- Do not use your jewelry piece in pools, saunas, steam rooms or jacuzzis.

- Remove your jewels before taking a bath, also while doing activities that would make you sweat, like sports and household tasks.

- Avoid impact with hard surfaces as much as possible.

- If you own one of our rings, remove them when washing your hands. Antibacterial soaps are abrasive and could cause tarnish and oxidation.


- To avoid oxidation and tarnish, produced by the air pollution and natural oils of our bodies, you can clean the pieces carefully after each wear with warm water.

- Dry immediately with a soft cloth to avoid stains. Do not leave them under water for long periods of time.


- Never keep the jewelry in humid spaces such as a bathroom; it could cause tarnish and oxidation.

- Wipe your piece gently after each wear with a soft cloth to remove any possible make-up and oil excess from your skin.

- Keep your jewel in its soft pouch or box. You can first put it inside its hermetic plastic bag, to avoid potential oxidation produced by direct contact with air.

- To avoid tarnish, oxidation and scratches, always keep each piece separately; never mix different jewelry pieces in a same pouch or bag.