caracas moderna

At the end of the nineteen-forties and during the fifties decade, thanks to an attractive and booming economy in the middle  of the oil industry development, Venezuela goes through an amazing transformation, leaving behind its rural country façade, making its path to the modern era.

On the contrary in postwar Europe, poverty was spreading over the entire continent and Italy was no exception. Experienced architects, engineers, construction workers, artists and artisans looked over the Atlantic Ocean and found in the tropical country a way out, an opportunity to rebuild their lives. Escaping from hostility, some without looking back, arrive to Caracas, and fill it with the architectonic and urban fragments of their memories. Their experience and influence, intertwined with the work of other great Venezuelan professionals and many other European expats, shape Caracas into a truly modern city, changing its aesthetic and spirit forever.

This particular hybrid, born between the combination of tropical landscapes, the construction boom, European modernist influence and the work of visionary architects and engineers, frame the scenario for the Caracas Moderna Collection.

The beginning of the modernism movement, and specially the Italian influence in the city, bring life to a handmade jewelry collection, created out of precious metals such as gold and silver. Buildings, houses, sculptures, design objects, furniture and other architectonic and urban elements, taken from the modernist heritage, inspire jewelry pieces of symmetric and clean lines. Its experimentation with geometry create structured pieces that play with perspectives, volumes and dimensions. For the surfaces, a subtle combination between matte and high polish finish, give to traditional metals like gold and silver a vanguard look.

Caracas Moderna is an homage to Carlos Raul Villanueva, Fruto Vivas and many other great Venezuelan architects and constructors. It pays tribute to the work of Italian architect Gio Ponti, who in 1957 builds Villa Planchart, one of the most iconic architectural modern pieces of the city, but it's also a way to honor all other Italian immigrants, architects and artisans, renowned or unknown, that brought a piece of their cities to create a foreign one, giving to all Caracas citizens a great modern city.


You can find some of the pieces from this collection in the shopping area. If the one you like is not there, please fill this form and let us know, we can custom make it for you. We'll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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